All the Good Guys Are Bad: A Gay-Affirming SBC?


All the good guys in the SBC are bad.

The SBC Executive Committee is under investigation for alleged abuse cover-up. That seems bad. The investigation isn’t merely an indictment of the EC, but an indictment of the entire SBC – past presidents, the leaders, the trustees, the messengers, the system – everyone and everything that worked to place those figures in such prominent positions in the first place.

Alternatively, the investigation is an indictment of whatever forces are driving the SBC as it exists now. If the EC is innocent, then so much the worse for the present players putting them on trial. They’re bad for doing that.

Either way, you can’t trust anybody anymore. Any way you slice it, you’ve got to believe some bad players are at work in the SBC. The good guys aren’t much better.

What if I told you even the good guys are gay-affirming? You don’t want to believe that, just like you don’t want to believe that the EC have lower moral standards on sex abuse than LA gangs, or else that some sort of surreptitious political group is pushing that false narrative. Well, the evidence is piling up and pointing toward a softening stance toward homosexuality in the SBC.

  • Danny Akin led Southeastern Seminary to hire Karen Swallow Prior, who still believes in the “mission” of Revoice, a conference for so-called “gay Christians,” and coedited a book that platformed openly gay “Christian” Matthew Vines and promoted his arguments about same sex “marriage” without comment or correction.
  • Not long ago, Akin attempted to hire James Merritt, but got into some trouble when Merritt praised the “preaching” of his openly gay, “gospel-centered” son, Jonathan Merritt. At the same time, some old racist jokes reemerged in relation to the elder Merritt, which gave Akin an out. The whole affair ended with Merritt declining the earlier invitation and Akin talking about how Merritt is such a great man.
  • Matt Henslee, a Director of Missions in Texas and President of the 2021 Pastors’ Conference, just invited Marcus Hayes to Anaheim this year, where your pastor and church’s messengers will sit under his preaching. Hayes was at the center of the recent controversy at FBC Naples and denies that same-sex attraction is sin.

Henslee, Merritt, and Akin are supposed to be the good guys, but they’re all in on the downgrade to gaydom, as are the SBCleets who seem more concerned about keeping their jobs or protecting their image than offering criticism or correction to the people who are in control of the SBC’s doctrinal demise. If you aren’t willing to fight, hard, you and your church might want to get out before it gets worse – because it will. All the good guys are bad.

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