Can Southern Baptists Say “Abortion is Murder”?


In recent weeks we’ve seen Southern Baptists weaken what they say about abortion. It’s nothing new. Watch this woman soften what we call abortion from “murder” to “sin” from the platform at the SBC.

“Yes abortion is sin, and one of the things we impart to those women when we love them, care for them, and minister to them is the gospel of Jesus Christ. But I am also telling you that when we take a punitive and hard-hearted position toward women who are at a crossroads that usually a whole lot of people’s sin brought them to, we are not having the mind of Christ toward those women.”

Well, that’s not true. Romans 13 says the governing authorities are, “an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.” That’s the heart and mind of Christ, regardless of this ridiculous emotional argument.

Some sins are also crimes. Crimes should be punished.

Murder is a sin and a crime.

Abortion is murder.

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