Ed Litton Announces He Will Not Run for Second Term as Southern Baptist Convention President


Ed Litton, current President of the Southern Baptist Convention and figure of no little controversy in the denomination has announced that he will not seek a second term in the office.

This move is largely unprecedented in SBC Practice. Litton, in a YouTube video (below) posted to his Twitter feed, indicated that he thought his service in this hour would best come from within the local church rather than the office of the Presidency.

Litton apparently will continue in his role through the 2022 SBC Annual Meeting in California where he will serve as moderator.

As someone very critical of Dr. Litton I believe Dr. Litton has correctly read his position in the roiling controversy in the SBC and appreciate his choice here. I would suggest, however, that since Dr. Litton’s read here is correct the best move would be to resign effective immediately from the position of President and allow the the Convention’s elected 1st Vice President to assume duties.


A prophet has arisen in Perryville! Our own Allen Nelson predicted this move from Litton two months prior:


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