Episode Alert: A Christian Understanding of Suicide


We’ve got a long episode on a critical topic for Ep. 82 – Suicide: how Christians should understand the topic, how we can faithfully care for those tempted by suicide, and the need for more clarity from Christians on this subject.

Segment 1: An interview with Dr. Samuel Stephens, Assistant Professor of Biblical Counseling at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Resources mentioned:

– The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Website (full of resources, including finding a faithful counselor in your area)

– Ed Welch – Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love

– Timothy S. Lane & Paul David Tripp – How People Change

Segment 2: Review the 2006 documentary The Bridge (IMB Description: “Filmmakers use hidden cameras to capture the various suicide attempts at the Golden Gate Bridge – the world’s most popular suicide destination. Interviews with the victims’ loved ones describe their lives and mental health.”)

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