Must Read: How the Government Used Evangelical Leaders to Spread Covid Propaganda


You really have to read this at your first opportunity. Megan Basham, writing for The Daily Wire, has thrown the light on a seedy den of government-driven propaganda pushed by some of the biggest names in evangelicalism.

The Daily Wire: “How The Federal Government Used Evangelical Leaders To Spread Covid Propaganda To Churches

Check out the names within and remember to never give them a whiff of credibility ever again – or at least until they own how terribly they failed on this one: The Gospel Coalition. Christianity Today. Russell Moore, Ed Stetzer, Tim Keller, N.T. Wright, Rick Warren.

Twitter user Josh Daws nailed it:

Add to “Christian Nationalism” the phrases “Systemic Injustice”, “Gospel Issue”, and “Matter of Faithfulness” when you hear the list of people named in this article using them and remember their track record.

Seriously, go give the piece a read.

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