Adam Greenway: “Anonymous Social Media Accounts” Sound Off on Litton


During Ed Litton’s appearance at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Chapel he sat down for a conversation with Seminary President Adam Greenway.

In one segment of the conversation President Greenway references his own announcement of Litton’s appearance and makes reference to “anonymous social media accounts” posting “snark” in reply.  You can see the clip in this tweet from Tom Buck, Pastor of First Baptist Church of Lindale, TX:

What makes Greenway’s comment truly inexplicable is his assertion that it is particularly anonymous accounts that offered snarky replies to the announcement. “Particularly” implies a pronounced role – pronounced, specifically, in contrast to non-anonymous accounts.

Since his tweeted announcement is still up we can check the replies and see who it was offering criticism of the Litton chapel invitation.

Some quick screengrabs from Twitter’s unsorted (i.e. not logged in) view:

In reality it appears real-name accounts outpace anonymous accounts replying by an 8-to-1 factor or better. Of course, the term snark is not defined here but it seems reasonable to conclude it is a synonym for criticism of the decision to bring Litton in. As a result, placing particular emphasis on the anonymous accounts seems both strange and inaccurate.

Again, what is going on in that chapel conversation?

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