Marshmallows and Apple Pie – How Hookup Culture Serves Societal Reengineering


It was recently asked on Twitter if hook-up culture is part of the “you’ll own nothing and love it” thinking of the Great Reseters. I do not know how seriously the tweet was meant, but I think it was a profound insight and picked up on something key to the Great Reset agenda. While Klaus Schwab did not invent hookup culture, which is the fruit of well over a century of gender and sexual revolution, I am certain both hookup culture and the leftist ideology that drives the globalists share common ancestors. And I am certain that promoting hookup culture is integral to the Great Reset’s plans for the world. Allow me to explain.

The goal of the Great Reset is to swindle the unwashed masses of the world into surrendering their freedoms and wealth to the ruling elite classes. Those elites operate through a system which is shaping up to be a two-winged monster of nanny states and global corporations. It is literally fascism – on a global, rather than national, scale. But it doesn’t walk around with funny moustaches and martial uniforms to give the game away to the miseducated – the ones that think fascism equals goose-stepping and antisemitism rather than the merging of state and industry to control all aspects of society.

The carrot they are hoping will convince the masses to hand over their freedoms and wealth is the promise that they will provide us all with everything we need. We won’t own houses, but they will give us good places (pods) to live in. We won’t be able to purchase meat, but they will ensure that everyone gets more than enough mealworm burger. We won’t be allowed to have a car, but Google can send a self-driven cab (electric, of course) if we need a lift. We won’t be allowed to make any medical decisions for ourselves, but they will ensure we get all the medicines and shots we need. We won’t be allowed to say what we really think, but we will have speedy 5G connections to access the MCU and PornHub. They are hoping most people choose the carrot so they do not have to switch to the stick.

But there is that pesky problem of sex.

Sex may not be as critical as food and housing, but it is a strong biological and psychological imperative to the vast majority of people. Can the World Economic Forum meet that need for people? I mean, they could start implementing policies that encourage young people to cultivate skills for building relationships and forming healthy marriages. But you see, healthy marriages are the last thing the regime wants. To explain why we need to talk a bit about sex.

Let us liken sex to sugar (this is not meant as a Def Leppard allusion). In this analogy hookup culture is eating a bag of marshmallows- it delivers the sugar…immediately, directly, and apart from any other flavors, aromas, or textures. It will quell a sweet tooth for a time, but it is ultimately unfulfilling, often disgusting, for most people. You will not have fond memories of that bag of marshmallows you demolished last Friday night. It was just there to tide you over. But a bag of marshmallows costs a dollar and takes no preparation. It makes no long-term demands. It’s easy.

A culture of natural marriage is like a homemade apple pie, fresh from the oven (again, please expunge all pop cultural associations from your mind)- it also delivers sugar, but it is mixed with the rich aromas and flavors of warm apples, cinnamon, and allspice and the texture and taste of a buttery, flaky crust. Most of us, I suspect, would prefer the latter dessert to the former. If apple pie is not your thing, substitute the home baked delicacy of your choice. The point is that it is rich and complex and satisfying and you might recall it fondly for a long time. But it is not easy or cheap, compared to a marshmallow. It takes work, patience, digestion, etc. It also requires a kitchen, a stove, a bunch of dishes, etc.

So where am I going with this? Most people need a sexual outlet for physical and mental wellbeing. In a traditional, sane society, that outlet was provided in the rich relationship of marriage and it entailed much more than sex because God and our forefathers knew untethered sex was dangerous to everyone.

But when people get married there is also love, and love replicates.

So the married tend to have children, and when they have children they start thinking generationally. And then they want things like homes, land, and other property that can be invested with practical and cultural value and shared and passed on. And they want the freedom to build little platoons with their own distinct cultures and habits. And those platoons tend to become communities that think they can best manage most of their own affairs, thank you very much.

And with all of this you run smack into the plans of the Great Reset. Klaus wants you to own nothing. He wants you to have zero say. He wants you living in a pod, eating the bugs, on an antidepressant pump, vaxxed to the hilt. If you run off and fall in love and make people and try to build a world he does not own and control, he loses. Marriage, the real fruitful kind, is a huge threat to the globalist agenda. Hookup culture therefore serves the Great Reset. The quick, impersonal lay with a stranger is much safer for him.

If the regime can make it near impossible to find real marital love- make stoves and pie plates scarce and unaffordable, poison the apples with feminism, video games and porn, in other words- and if they discount marshmallows and make them readily available on apps and college campuses, we can get people to partially fulfill their sexual need, apart from all that other society-building stuff that used to come along with sex. Sure, no one in hookup culture will actually be happy (for long) and hopes of fulfillment will evaporate into dark despair, but at least the hormonal urge will be sated. They can medicate the other stuff to manageable levels.

Look around you and see that there are so many ways you can strike back at the Hideous Strength. One way is to condemn and reject hookup culture. Say no to porn. Say no to feminism. Say no to casual sex. Say no to unmarried sex. Say no to sterile sex. Ridicule and mock the regime and its apologists. Have children and teach them to do likewise. Build your households, accumulate wealth, find others like you and make communities. Make Christ the center of all that you do. Devote your fiefdoms to him. Never surrender.

Christus Rex

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