Hebrew Midwives, Ketanji Jackson, and a call for Dan Darling to Repent



You don’t know me. But I’d like to talk to you about this (seriously, you can reach me at j.t.a32115 @ gmail.com).

Tonight I read to my kids about the Hebrew midwives who defied Pharaoh when he told them to kill the babies. Dan, do you think those sisters would join you in your celebration of this Judge’s historical appointment, when her current history is one that condones baby slaughter? Brother, I think they would weep to see this.

I’m reminded of a good and faithful word from my pastor this Sunday, preaching from Romans 12:9. We are exhorted to let our love be genuine by abhorring what is evil and holding fast to what is good.

We are never to rejoice or celebrate evil. Abortion is evil, indeed, it is the great evil of our day and nation. It is an aberration our children’s children will weep over, shaking their heads wondering how such an evil could be named in their land.

Dan, I want to call on you tonight to abhor evil. Do not celebrate it. Please, for the sake of the God we both serve, the gospel that saved us both, and the blood of Christ that has made us clean, repent of this disingenuous false love that, rather than abhorring evil, celebrates it.

We’ve made much ado in our denomination about a watching world. What about the watching saints who have gone before? I implore you, do not grieve the saints who risked more than you or I ever will by celebrating this evil. Be a man who loves genuinely by abhorring this evil. Join me in praying for Judge Jackson’s Immortal soul.

Let your love be genuine. Abhor this evil. Cling to what is good.


Editor’s Note: Since receiving this submission the ERLC has added a public comment that sounds much like Dan Darling’s. It appears the problem is broader than just Dan’s tweet.

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