What is The Most Influential Entity in the SBC?


Southern Baptist Convention Headquarters in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, File)


SBCU recently ran a poll asking respondents what entity in the SBC was most influential.

As you will see below, respondents were provided with four options as well as an invitation to contribute other answers in reply.

The four listed options were:

  • Annual Meeting Messengers
  • The North American Mission Board
  • The SBC Executive Committee
  • Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

One respondent suggested that Lifeway Christian Resources be included:

Commenting on the poll, Save the SBC suggested SEBTS might ought to replace SBTS in light of the signs of internal disorder in Louisville.

When the poll timeframe was completed a clear winner emerged:

Multiple respondents pointed to NAMB’s financial coffers as the reason for the entity’s influence.

User Les Steubing said the influence of NAMB makes Kevin Ezell the SBC’s “Kingmaker.”

What about you, reader? Do you agree NAMB is the most influential SBC entity? If not, which would you say is and why? Let us know in the comments.

Interested in future polls? Check the SBC Underground Twitter feed on Tuesday (11/8/22) for another SBC-related poll.

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