Twitter user Schwab (@SchuabbDib) has authored one of the most fascinating historical accounts of discovery-era North America I have ever read.  Before we begin: all credit to @SchuabbDib.  While I know little about his Twitter feed before this thread I commend him for an excellent historical presentation.

What appears undeniable from his documentation is that early American explorers, generally seen as reliable and credible in their own day and ours, claimed to have encountered men or man-like beings of incredible stature when they arrived on the North American continent.  What also appears undeniable, unless we take the entire lot for liars, is that they believed they had encountered these beings.

Seriously: this is one of the most interesting things I’ve read on this period in global history. Even if the idea doesn’t strike you as provocative you will enjoy the images of both art and text he has collected.



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