PCCD Episode Alert: James Poulos on The Fight to Stay Human, Forever

On this episode we’re talking to James Poulos about his new book, Human, Forever: The Digital Politics of Spiritual War.

Dr. Poulos wrote the book as a “guide to saving our souls from the digital apocalypse, showing how the swarm of programs and devices unleashed by our leaders has transformed our lives and defied our dreams, throwing the future into terrifying doubt. Scrambling for control at any price, today’s ruling factions tempt us to grant them absolute power with utopian promises of superhuman autonomy and dystopian threats of subhuman servitude. But godlike fantasies and buglike nightmares won’t snatch back our destiny from the jaws of the digital swarm. That task belongs to the first generation of the digital age who must retake control of our technology by restoring our full humanity (and their parents, who must help save them from the new cyborg system bent on ensuring they never come of age).

You can sign up to be notified when Human, Forever releases at HumanForever.us.  Dr. Poulos is a great Twitter follow – you can find him @JamesPoulos.  

If you want to read more from Dr. Poulos you can find
selected articles here, on American Mind, and you can hear him on The American Mind Podcast.

You can also listen to his appearance on
The Babylon Bee Podcast as well as The King of Stuff.
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