Polyamory and the Overton Window (Denny Burk)


In this blog post, Denny Burk addresses how a, “widening of what evangelicals will tolerate as plausibly Christian is how false teaching often advances through the movement. It’s why what was unthinkable to me ten years ago (that evangelicals might give up ground on homosexuality) is now very much ‘thinkable.'”

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1 thought on “Polyamory and the Overton Window (Denny Burk)

  1. Burk makes good points but I can imagine someone on Sprinkle’s side reading Burk’s post and thinking that it’s not significantly different from discernment blogging and that, thus, gets dismissed qua discernment blogging. Had Burk’s blog appeared within the pages of CT that would undercut the perception to some degree.

    Maybe we (evangelicals) need something like a resolution on *discourse* (and maybe a forum where that gets practiced).

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