For quite a while we at SBC Underground have been calling attention to the attempted normalization of homosexual behavior in the SBC. From J.D. Greear’s infamous “God whispers about same sex attraction” sermon to James Merritt’s praise of his openly homosexual son as a faithful preacher (and more) the signs have been flashing at any Southern Baptist willing to see them.

We’ve partnered up with the new Servants and Heralds Podcast to release a recent Twitter Spaces with our own Jared Moore and Jeff Wright discussing The Queering of the SBC.

As you will hear in the episode, Jared has identified Patrick Schreiner of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Karen Swallow Prior of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and David Prince of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary as precursors to the acceptance of Revoice-style theology in the Southern Baptist Convention.

This remains a hot button issue. See for example a recent (at the time of this writing) interaction between Dr. Moore and Dr. Prince.

Dr. Moore laid out specific quotes from Dr. Prince’s article “Temptation, Jesus, Sin, and Same Sex Attraction” still available at the time of this writing on Dr. Prince’s personal website (you can find it on the Internet Archive here if that changes).

Dr. Prince’s response couldn’t have been more distressing. Rather than accounting for his own words published in the article Dr. Prince responded with a naked attack on Jared’s character and double speak regarding his own position.

That Dr. Prince won’t own his own words or retract his article or really do anything other than attack Dr. Moore’s character – a man educated at Dr. Prince’s own institution – betrays much about what an idol this topic is among SBC elites.

You can hear the podcast episode on The SBC Underground Podcast or The Servants and Heralds Podcast. Please consider sharing the episode with someone else in your church, too. It is time for evangelicals of all stripes and Southern Baptists in particular to demand on greater faithfulness from those taking paychecks funded by missions giving from Southern Baptist Churches.

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