What the Devil? – On the ERLC and the Appointment of Ketanji Jackson


What the Devil?

Last night, the ERLC decided to celebrate the wicked and abhorrently evil appointment for life of Justice Ketanji Jackson via Brent Leatherwood, one of the ERLC employees who serves at the will of and for the local churches who own and make up the Southern Baptist Convention.

As some of you may have noticed, we are currently being asked to decide between a few potential leaders for this group of local churches called the SBC. A leader who, presumably, will carry out his duties well, including (but certainly not limited to) serving as an ex officio member of the board of SBC entities. Entities like the ERLC.

So when an employee of the ERLC who exists to serve the churches of the SBC spouts out this kind of nonsense, it’s pretty reasonable for the folks who, yah know, own the ERLC to want to know if the man they are trusting to guide not just that entity but the entire thing is going to react to these things should he be elected. 

So what exactly did they (via Leatherwood) say?

To make things a little clearer, here’s a brief list of some of these philosophical differences:

Editors’ Note: At that link you will find photos of the children’s bodies collected from the clinic of Dr. Cesare Santangelo. The images are as gruesome as one would expect from an act as heinous as the murder of a child. Proceed at your own discretion.

  • She won’t or can’t define what a woman is.
  • She gives pedophiles with videos of kids as young as 8 being raped sentences lighter than some drunk driver.

What the devil, indeed.

A Tale of Two Candidates

So here we are, in a bit of a pickle. Imagine you had a retirement account, and you kept faithfully putting in a few dollars every week. You trust that investment team to, within the boundaries you’ve set, invest and manage your money wisely. Suddenly, you notice $500 went to an investment in abortive birth control. There’s even a name attached to the withdrawal, let’s say for the sake of this story it’s B. Leatherwood; no, better call him Brent L. Well if you go talk to the manager of this investment team to express your great displeasure that your money is being invested in something wicked, something they know you don’t approve of, what response would you find most helpful? “Wow, that’s really bad. Not on my watch.” Or, would it be better to hear a long sigh followed by a long winded lecture on politics not needing to enter the workplace?

Unfortunately, that’s what we’ve got here folks. 

First, Tom Ascol weighed in. 

Now this led many to ask “Bart, Tom’s spoken on this, what do you say?” Unfortunately, Bart chose to answer like this:

This is, at very best, woefully naïve. If Bart should lead this convention of churches for 2023, he needs to wake up and smell the rot. 

We have an entity, that we pay for, that we own, that is meant to represent us as churches, and Bart can’t even find the courage to say “yes, as president this would be under my responsibilities and I don’t care for what was said here. We shouldn’t celebrate evil.”

Respectfully, we don’t need a SBC President who’s asleep a the wheel, or one who, when asked a simple, softball question replies “Well, am I my ERLC’s keeper?”

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