1. Ukraine is an Obama/Biden client state and another of their catastrophic policy failures.

2. Ukraine is also a combo slush-fund and money laundering facility.

3. Putin is nonetheless not the good guy.

4. The sympathies of all upright men and women should be with the Ukrainian people, particularly the church.

5. This is and should be between Ukraine & Russia; no U.S. (or NATO) forces should be sent.

6. The Regime and media cronies want this war for PR – blame Biden failures, decline of quality of life, distract from COVID.

7. It is bizarre, at best, how quickly evangelical “leaders” immediately (again) snapped into alignment w/ Regime messaging and we now have to wonder about direct client status.

8. The failure to do anything about Russia’s oil sales shows how empty the West’s outrage is.

9. The Biden Admin’s (and political Progressives in general) hatred of American energy independence has always been braindead.

10. Globalist interests seem certain to use this as another opportunity to crush human rights.

11. People of good will should use every lawful resource to oppose every evil mentioned above at every opportunity.

12. This should include joyous mockery of the messaging coming from the Globalists.

This post was born in a series of tweets.

If you find this post interesting you might also be interested in this collection of oddities in the details, messaging, and – dare I say – propaganda coming out of the pro-Ukraine stance insisted upon by Western elites.

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