Back in August you might remember that we announced the launch of a project by some of our S&H contributors and friends. This week they published their first original story, “The Haunted Valley.” From the description:

First came the Killing Cure. Times were lawless and the people were desperate. Yet Andrew the Shepherd knew the old chants and the Word. The spirits fled from him, and the people begged him to rule over and protect them. When the Offworlders came with false promises of deliverance and false miracles, Andrew led men against the first abominations and the soldiers loyal to the Offworlders, the Regime. Now in an unquiet peace, King Andrew has sent his knights, “Runemasters,” to teach allies their secret craft, needed for the defense of all free peoples and coveted by their dark enemies.

If that grabs your attention, head on over there to give it a read.

There will be more stories to come (and a planned paperback anthology next year), but in the mean time there is a stockpile of “Throwback Thursday” stories to check out.

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