Darryl Cooper, who you likely already know travels on the internet under the handle Martyr Made has become one of my favorite Twitter follows. I was late to his work but I have been catching up as quickly as possible and I’m here to recommend a bit of his paid content that I think is well worth dropping a few coins for.

If our recent episode with James Poulos discussing the fight to stay human in a technological age was of any interest to you (and I hope it was, not simply because it is PCCD content – although I admit I hope you find our content helpful – but because James is on to something incredibly important) then you will be helped by Cooper’s two-part audio series on Poulos’ book in the subscriber-only portion of the Martyr Made Substack.

Here’s direct links to the two episodes: Part 1 & Part 2.

I think the per-month subscription cost is $5 and, in my opinion anyway, those two episodes are worth that price.


Saw this picture after publishing this post. Check this freak show out. Every human face is hidden, artificial reality is masking real-world manipulation & evil.

We need to be listening to Poulos (& Martyr Made) and quick.

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